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    Maria Shurupova – president



    Marat Shakhgereev – editor-in-chief



    HSE Green public groups:


1.      Are you an HSE department or a student organization?

Green HSE is a student organization. Of course, the university administration supports our initiatives, but Green HSE is not a structural part of HSE, like, for example, the Career Development Centre or the Business Incubator, so we don’t have the same resources, opportunities and obligations.

2.      Why there is still no separate collection of plastic at HSE?

This has been difficult to organize due to several reasons. But now a system to  collect plastic in HSE buildings is being developed, and most probably, by the end of 2015 one of the academic buildings will be equipped with a system for separately collecting plastic as an experiment.

3.      Lots of plastic dishes, glasses and cutlery are thrown away every day at HSE canteens. When will they start to be sent to recycling?

Yes, there is a lot of such waste, since there is no capacity in many buildings to wash ordinary dishes. But there is often food left on the plate and that’s why it’s difficult to recycle these used disposable dishes.

4.      When will HSE buildings be equipped with bicycle parking facilities?

There is still no one at our university ready to champion bicycles as an alternative type of transport in Moscow, and that’s why we haven’t developed bicycle facilities at HSE. If you are willing to help and have some free time, contact us via the website or VK. We’ll think together about how we can organize bicycle parking places near all HSE buildings and other related issues.

5.      Where do you send the batteries that you collect in HSE buildings?

Our volunteers take them to MediaMarkt, and from there, they are then sent to Chelyabinsk for recycling by the Megapolis Resource Company.

6.      Why aren’t there battery and waste paper collection points in all HSE buildings and dorms?

The reason is simple: we don’t have enough volunteers to provide all HSE buildings with regular collections of batteries and waste paper.

7.      Is it possible to introduce collection points for energy-saving light bulbs at HSE?

We would be happy to do this, but it is not really possible to collect energy-saving light bulbs in HSE buildings in the same way as batteries are collected. A broken CFL bulb is a big problem, since each bulb contains mercury, and if students simply throw bulbs in a recycling container, the consequences could be very serious.